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Follow Seamus, aided by an irksome trainee, as he investigates a suspicious death on the shores of Lake Michigan. Deceased Mr. Dunbar wants to clear his grandson’s name, but secrets in the house may be too much for Seamus to unravel.

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Killing Silence

Is it possible to be a rescuer when you live among the lost? Living on the streets, Loser finds herself in the company of the prime suspect in a child murder. Can she fight through her debilitating issues to help save the man and his captivating daughter? Follow Loser as she fights to find justice, battling her own demons to save innocent lives.

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New 2012 Edition

A nostalgic visit to the ‘60s with an intriguing mystery! After witnessing a murder, Carrie Walsh meets Jack Porter, a brooding Vietnam vet with a chip on his shoulder. For reasons she can’t explain (or admit), Carrie feels compelled to help him discover who killed his friend. But Jack has brought home secrets that could get Carrie killed.

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Poison, Your Grace

As King Edward's health wanes, Simon is once again called upon by Elizabeth to help solve a chain of seemingly unrelated murders. Can they find the culprit before Elizabeth herself is blamed for the crimes?

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Somebody Doesn't Like Sarah Leigh

As their friendship grows cold, a falling-out causes everyone to blame Caroline for Sarah's disappearance. As Caroline digs into her friend's past, many unsettling and dangerous things appear.

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Leo appears to be just another bum on the streets of downtown Chicago, but he and three others share a shocking secret. When they witness a murder, a killer comes after them. They dare not go to the police for help. Instead they must fight to survive, depending only on their wits, their skills, and each other.

Simon & Elizabeth: Book 3

The Lady Flirts With Death

In this third book of the Simon & Elizabeth Mysteries, Elizabeth Tudor is declared a traitor and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Visiting the princess secretly, her friend Simon Maldon discovers another cause for worry. His friend Peto the Pope has been arrested for a murder he swears he did not commit.

As Simon frets over Elizabeth’s peril and Peto’s certain execution, his wife Hannah deals with her own mystery after taking in a frightened pregnant girl who, she later learns, is not as she first seemed.

Neither Simon nor Hannah pays attention to the other’s problems, although they should. Matters spin quickly into grave danger, and they both might die as they try their best to save the lives of others.

  "Herring’s fine third 16th-century mystery . . . (after 2011's Poison, Your Grace), apothecary Simon Maldon, disguised as a priest, visits his royal friend, 19-year-old Elizabeth Tudor, in the Tower of London. Herring deftly explores the theme of loyalty in a time of deep religious division. Engaging characters and a well-paced plot . . ."

The second in the Loser Mysteries


Seeking peace in her old home town, Loser quickly becomes the focus of several people in need of help.

When things start turning sour, Loser finds herself enmeshed in a tangle of foul play.

Can Loser protect the innocent while preserving her own life, one she’s only just begun to want?